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Steam version includes new enemies, skills, revised balance, bosses, new working achievements and some bonus staff.

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Witchraft Tower Defence

An ancient portal holds mysterious powers, use the crystal ball to open it and try to hold this power until it destroys the crystal! Use your magic to summon little helpers to stop enemies.

Small but hard TD with multiple non-standart mechanics inspired by WarCraft 3 maps such as Random Farm TD, Burbenog and many others.


Z / Left Mouse Click - summon random tower for 100 coins.

Hold X / Right Mouse Click - sell tower.

You can summon only a random level 1 tower, theare 6 types, 30 towers in total.

Tower Types:

Water - splash attack. 

Poison - long range, slows enemies.

Potions - burns enemies. 

Birds - attack multiple enemies. 

Horrors - high attack speed, fear skill. Bones - high damage.

To upgrade you need to merge 2 same towers, it's free and upgraded towers are very powerful.

Tower skills:

Poison - slows enemy, slow effect stacks. 

Burn - deals damage over time, burn effect does not stack.

 Splash - deals damage to nearby enemies. If the target is burning then it will remove the burn and create evaporate effect that deals massive splash damage.

 Freeze - stuns the target for a short time. 

Fear - enemy takes additional damage from all sources of attack. 2-5x attack - attacks multiple target at the same time. 2x crit - 20% chance to deal double damage. 

Meteor strike - massive area damage. 

Poison outburst - if enemy has less than 10% hp it will explode and apply posion to all nearby enemies. 3x crit - 30% chance to deal triple damage. 

Tsunami - chance to damage and freeze enemies in a huge area.

Flowers increase range for all towers. Fungi increase damage for all towers. They have this skill only at level 1 so it's up to you to decide if you want to upgrade them.


After a 2nd wave a merchant wizard will appear that will give you bonus gold for selling certain level 1-2 towers.

Bonus quests:

To complete a quest and get bonus coins you need 5 same towers at the same time, this is a single time quest for each tower. 

Version 1.1:

  • early game is easier
  • small fixes
  • towers try to target lowest hp enemy

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Tower Defense


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So Pumpkin TD

Chill game!


A few others have said this but yeah some Instagram account is using your game and gameplay to promote their shitty game, I had to search a bit before I actually found this one 

Delightful game! I found it on Pico 8 splore as a featured game. Great work!


Hey, just wanted to let you know it looks like someone is using footage of your game to promote their own game on Instagram... pretty blatant bait and switch. The game they link to is called Witch Tower

I'm not sure what if any recourse you have but this is so slimy I figured you should know. 😕


Thank you for letting me know, that's very shady.

Here's a screenshot of me beating the game that I want to get off my computer


just wondering, do you plan to put the steam version for sale on itch too?


So fun the game. The thing is: if you don't merge any tower, you can trigger the market in every round, so even if you dont have good towers, you can get so many coins (which means so many power) and at the end of the day you beat the game easily. 


30 000 coins!

Really fun! Nice!


Finally! Good lord that took me far too long. And in the end, the key was just don’t upgrade any units until your map is completely full up!

(3 edits) (+1)

I don't really have Twitter and was trying to contact you back about this, you asked me to give a bit of feedback and balancing on the game (1.7 version on steam). Here's a Desmos graph demonstrating which upgrades are extremely bad compared to the others:

For game balancing purposes I have a bunch more to say but I've been busy with my own projects and stuff right now so I'll try to follow up more later.

Edit: As you can see, it takes around 4 burger upgrades to be on par with certain other upgrades as an example. That's how bad some upgrades are in comparison to how good other upgrades are. I actually left a major calculation out, which is that perkill upgrades are less effective on boss waves where strawberries don't spawn, among other issues, but yeah. It's accurate otherwise.

This is very nice, thank you a lot for this, this is just my second game and this knowledge is very valuable to me, I'll use it if I decide to make another patch!

Deleted 1 year ago

It's nice

This was a nice experience! Was a bit difficult to read the words but after a while, it was fine.

really enjoyed this one, throw back to my burbenog days -  thankyou!

3rd time's the charm. really like the simplicity of it. Would enjoy having challanges or just more to experiment with in general
(1 edit) (+1)


my first win ( plundering money )  I challenge whoever make more money than  this without losing any health :D


i didn't lose health

ohohoho didn't think I will get beaten so quickly just in 5 days, I thought it will be  a week  at least. Can you get past 30 K like 31 K I want to know since i thought 30 K is the limit.


i finally did it :D


Found out this works pretty well on android in the browser. It's not ideal as the floaty movement makes placement a little tricky, but it works!


This is so great! Definitely gonna keep coming back til I beat it!

Wow! Great work. I had so much fun playing this, just had to keep trying until I beat it :)



Made an account just to tell you how fun this game is.

Amazing wave game lots of fun.


I've played on lexaloffle also but this is a really cool game. 

What are quest and how do you do them?

You complete a quest by making 5 same towers, so there are 30 quests in total.


Thank you for the playthrough!

Great game!


Tried to max quests

(1 edit)

This is incredible, I never managed to do that even while debugging, you deserve an achievement!

love the game 

Beaten the game^^ Its very fun but unfortunatly its extremely luck based, that's the only thing putting me off. Also the shrooms and bones are very underwhelming compared to the other towers ;)
Deleted 32 days ago

Cartridge and executables are available for a fee!

wow i beat the gamenice game

14 quests, that's a record, thank you.

I like this game a lot! It can be a bit difficult but it’s definitely a fun and rewarding challenge! The randomization of towers definitely adds more to the challenge. There is a lot of decision making with what towers to upgrade and sell and the trade-offs that can occur from doing those actions. Overall, it’s a pretty addicting experience! Great work! 


Thank you a lot for the review, it was very nice and insightful!

Well done! Appreciate the mouse control, worked really well for this game.

Thank you!