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Too much shit for a game with so little pixels, the effects are unclear, the carrot as ammunition is not well developed and mostly useless and there is not enough field of view to see things as fast as little bunnies/little mushrooms/hoards of bat coming. A lot of power ups are not clear on how they help, some are just less useful in every situation than others (like, the thunder cloud).
I dont know how hard it is to program on pico, the game has a good base and some polish and it is free so i have no reason to be mad at it, just pointing out that it still misses a lot of points and, being based on another kind of game that has been seen a lot, it is not learning too much from the pros and cons of other games of their family.

Great game!  Feels pretty tough at first but it's fun gradually learning what works and what doesn't.   The upgrade system gives a nice amount of depth without getting too complicated.

I finally beat the game with a multi-carrot / splash build.  I might try to come back and see if I can win with some alternate upgrade path like ring-of-fire or pure speed/damage with no special effects.

Managed to beat the game with only ring of fire, fire dash, and stat upgrades!  That was pretty tough.



1.9 is alot easier than 1.0 and the powerups have improved much from before. Freeze dash is especially cool. But I still prefer the waves and feel of 1.0.


So glad I could lend some tunes to this awesome game. I made a video review for the then-current v1.7 before a few tweaks and balances were made and before @unikotoast added the music.

Also, finally managed to beat it this afternoon. The end boss is so cool. Awesome game!


this game is very good and i can tell how much effort it has on it, but can you can you make a control settings so i could set it to wasd and click to fire i dont know if pico 8 allows it but yeah

Pico-8 doesn't really allow much tweaking of controls like that, but it works really well with a controller. :)

ohh thank you


This is incorrect. You can achieve wasd through the P2's (in pico8 we have player 0 and player 1 technically) default controls. Furthermore you can achieve any key at all including wasd through at least two different stat() methods. stat(28) in particular covers every key imaginable, can be modified to whatever extent you wish, and provides more responsive keypresses than btn() will even if you modify the elusive settings of btn().

Wow this game is so addictive and fun. I really love it!

I really enjoyed this!